Rongpa Group is involved in doing something creative for the Niti-ManaValleys and its Community. It is an attempt to put our culture and tradition on the web, so that the world can be aware of our prosperous valleys and rich Culture.


Rongpa Group is a group of volunteers who have a vision to explore the culture of the community inhabiting in the famous Niti and ManaValleys of Uttarakhand. Rongpa Group has a dream of Developed, Educated, Healthy and Prosperous community.


This group was formed to bring closer the people of the Rongpa Community who have left their villages in search of education or employment to the various part of India or abroad. The main aim of the website is to enable the natives of Niti-ManaValleys to share their culture, tradition, news and other thoughts and pass them on to new generation. Two make Rongpa people to interact with each other many Rongpa groups was formed on yahoo and orkut websites.


The concept to develop a community website came into mind of two Rongpa guys and first site was launched in 2002 with name of Due to some technical problem it was discontinued after few years. It was again re-initiated by new team who joined hands with previous initiators of the website. In January 2008 a new domain and web space was booked with the name of . 


Aims and objective

1) To promote Rongpa Culture and Tradition - The website can be helpful in promoting it online.

2) To chain together the community people through the website and to reach everyone in different parts of the world.


Rongpa Group

Rakesh Singh Rawat,  Chandra Prakash Kunwar,  Suresh Singh Rawat, 
Surya Vijay Singh Rawat,  Rajesh Parmar, Kamal Kishor Rana


The website is sponsored by community people of Niti Mana valleys 

If you have a vision for our Rongpa Community, step ahead and join us. Remember, together we can make a difference.


Latest Song

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