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Rongpa community is well known for the cuisines. The Rongpa cuisines are mostly prepared for meal but there are some cuisines which are prepared during special occasions of weddings, mundan and worship of god. The traditional daily meal combinations of the cuisines are as below:

Breakfast: Jya and Sattu
Lunch: Rice and Curry
Dinner: Rice or Bread with Curry
Some of the cuisines for meal and special occasions are as below:

A small bread made of a local flour. This is usually made during special occasions and wedding. Specially, after marriage, when a bride goes first time to her parent’s home .

This traditional non-veg. item is prepared by the Rongpa community occasionally. Small pieces of meat, spices and local flour is mixed well and filled into the intestine on goat. Then it is boiled in Oil to make it ready to eat. Geema is prepared with local flour filling whereas the Arjiya is prepared with small pieces of meat mixed with spices.
This special kind of thick paste is made of flour of a black pulse and is usually made during winters. It is serves with Chausa or Chatni. In Marcha sub community this is called as Lyotu and in Tolcha subcommunity it is called as Baadi.

This special kind of black bread is made of a local flour is usually made during winters. It is serves in breakfast or dinner in the combination of Ghee and homemade mixer of spices (Kamcha) or Chatni.

This curry is made of flour of a pahadi black pulse (kaali daal) and is usually served as a meal with rice and vegetable curry (sabji). This curry is prepared in very short time with no much effort.

A special kind of noodles is made of white flour and fried in oil with special kind of pahadi spice (Koch) is usually served at breakfast or as a snacks. The noodle is prepared by hand and served with or without chatni. To make it more delicious, this padahi noodles can be fried with onion, tomato and other spices.


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