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There is a drastic change in the traditional costume of Rongpa community. With the development of technology, people have also started adapting according to the environment. The climatic condition is extremely cold in winter. So the clothes are made out of wool. As the Rongpa people migrated to India from Tibet, the costume of this tribe has very mix features of both the places. There are very few tailors who still stitch this kind of tradition costume of Rongpa community. The costume has the properties of both patterns making and draping. Rongpa women have only one traditional costume which they wear in all the occasions. Silver and gold made ornaments are worn with the dress in the special occasions like marriages.



Traditionally the female wear Paakhi, Angadi, Ghagri, Ghunti, Kanchupa, Kanthi, Nath and Pegri.
A white color scarf which is called Ghunti usually  wore  by woman and bride to cover their head. It is decorated by a special kind of cloth. Girls mostly wear cotton scarf or hand made woolen scarf which is called Kanchupa.
Angadi is a kind of coat made of Jean fabric. Due to cold weather in high Himalayas, Angadi is very useful to keep females warm in winter season.
Paakhi is a Woolen Saree which is traditionally made by the community people itself. It protects them from the cold weather in Upper Himalayas. Paakhi is also made of Jean fabric. Ghagri is wore with Paaki which is same as Indian Ghagra.
Pegri is long white cloth which is used as a belt to support the Paakhi. A unique kind of necklace is called Kanthi. It is made of golden plates on a maroon strap. A round shaped nose ring made of gold, is called Nath. In modern time females of Rongpa community wear all type of Indian dresses like Saree, Ladies suits etc.
Now days brides of Rongpa community wear modern outfits like Lahenga Choli, Saree etc. in their Wedding ceremony.



Traditionally the male wear Woolen Cap, Woolen Coat, Woolen Pant and Sweater in winter. The woolen fabric for the coat and pant is fabricated by the people of this community itself. The woolen sweater is designed and made by the females Rongpa community itself.
In summers, male wear cotton pant and shirt. Kurta (Shirt) and Pajama (Trousers) are the other outfits for the male. The grooms of this community wear modern suit in their wedding ceremony.
As people moving out of their native places in hunt of livelihood the dresses have been changed and modernized. But people inhabiting in the villages have kept the tradition still alive.


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