Seemant Welfare Association, Delhi (Regd. No. – 36752) was registered in 1990 in Delhi to unite all community people from India- Tibet border of Chamoli and Uttarkashi Districts of Uttarakhand.

First meeting was held on 4 November 1990 at Lodhi Garden in which around 40 families participated to discuss welfare of the community. Shri Kedar Singh Fonia ( MLA of Badrinath Constituency) also attended this meeting. In the next meeting on 2nd September 1990 at Nehru Park, first executive body was formed. The executive body are as below:



Vice President

General Secretary/ Joint Secretary


1996 (Jan)

Shri B.S. Fonia

Shri B.S. Pal

Shri I.S. Rawat

Shri Sarep Singh Rana

Shri G.S. Rawat/

Shri K.S. Kunwar

Dr. B.S. Rawat

1999 (Oct)

Shri B.S. Fonia

Shri G.S. Rawat

Shri H.S. Badwal

Shri Bachan Badwal

2001 (Nov)

Shri K.S. Kunwar

Dr. B.S. Rawat

Shri N.S. Fonia

Shri RBS Rawat/

Shri Nain Singh Rawat

Shri Prem Singh Pal

2006 (Nov)

Shri G.S. Rawat

Smt. Padmini Rana

Shri Bachan Badwal

Shri NS Rana/

Smt. Heena Singh Rana

Shri Prem Singh Pal

2008 (Oct)

Shri R.S. Fonia

Shri M.P. Singh Rana

Smt. Geeta Kunwar

Shri Virender Singh Fonia

Shri Bhakhtawar Singh Rawat


Shri K.S. Kunwar/ Shri G.S. Rawat

Shri D.S. Burfal

Shri Narender Singh Rana/

Shri C.P. Kunwar

Shri Amar Singh Dungrial/

Shri Rakesh Singh Rawat


Shri Gajender Singh Rawat
(Culture Secretary)


Shri Dalbir Singh Pal/

Shri K.S. Kunwar

Smt. Padmini Rana

Shri Surender Singh Rana/

Shri N.S. Rana

Shri Kushal Singh Rana


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