niti mana
Nestled in the Himalayas Mana is situated at an altitude of 3134 meters. Mana is facilitated with savior modern convinces. This old village look different. The name Mana has been derived from “manibhadra yaksha” meaning the place of the ………. Mystic. All about the excursion close to village Badrinath the famous pilgrim, the nature, attract both dweller of this village and visitors for peace and purify of body mind and soul.
Mana, the last village on the Indian side of the border with Tibet, is the largest settlement of a sub-group of Rongpa. It is situated just 3 Kms far from "Badrinath Dham", at the bank of river Alaknanda (A tributary of Ganges). Mana village is described as "Manibhadrapuram" in Puranas. The inhabitants of this village mostly belong to Naigwad and Ghingran villages of Chamoli district. The hospitable nature of villagers spreaded message of secure and peace life worldwide.

Ghantya Karan Mandir, Bhimpul (named after lord Bhim) and Byas Gufa in the village are the main attraction for tourists. During the stay in Mana, villagers perform many rituals for their Lord "Ghantya Karan Ji". The villagers make hand made woollen carpets, pullovers and other garments which they sell to tourists during their stay in the valley.
At a distance of 3 Kms.(approx) from Gamsali, there is a village called Bampa. The popular Panchnaag temple is situated in the village. The inhabitants of this village have winter residence at Chhinka and Chameli villages. The inhabitants of the village can be easily recognized by the surname “Pal”.

The second last village of the valley is Gamsali, which is on the way from NitiVillage to Joshimath. This is one of the populated and largest villages of the community. In the winter season, the inhabitants of this village migrate to villages like Chameli, Baunla, Semla and Math.

This village is the last village of Niti valley and is located at Indo -Tibet Border. The Nanda Devi temple and Mahadev (God Shiva) are the two most beautiful attractions of the village. The village is surrounded by beautiful mountains, Nanda Devi temple and MahadevTemple (Natural Temple of God Shiva) and river Dhauli Ganga flowing down from Tibet. The inhabitants of this village belong to Kauriya and Bhimtala villages in the lower range of Himalayas.

The inhabitants of this village belong to Balkhila, Devli Bagad, and Saikot villages in the lower Himalayas. The typography of Malari is hilly and abounds in evergreen forests. The rare flora and fauna, peaceful hill life, crystal clear water and mangrove lined peeks offer a dream view of the rare gifts of nature. 


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