Ritual dances of these valleys are performed during August to November by glorifying the god and goddess. Themes revolve around the triumph of the god/godess over the demon and other evil characters. Always performed by men with few females (specially Pandav dance). The most spectacular ones are those of Bagdwal and Pandav dance. These are performed in front of templates or stage by persons from the community.

Pauna Dance

The Pauna Dance is traditional dance of the community and performed in all occasions of celebration. But usually this is performed during marriages. The Pauna word stands for Baraati (Guests of bridegroom). This dance is performed in systematically way in which the drummers (Main drummer and a Side drummer) give the beats in a rhythm. All dancers have to dance on the beats step by step. The main drummer also performs the dance and all the dancers have to synchronize with him. This group dance is performed in a circle and guided by the main drummer. The dance is mainly enjoyed by males while heading from bridegroom's house to bride's house as Baraati (Pauna).

Chanchadi Dance

This dance is performed mostly by females during special occasions, after dinner, when all get free time after whole day work. This dance is also performed in circle with a special step and without any beats. The dancers sing a special kind of songs which works as beats to step on. Some times males also join females and two teams formed separately. Then the song is sung by both the teams alternately.
There are different dances with different steps. All dances have four to eight repeatable steps and performed on the beats of the drums step by step. All dance steps have different motion and action of hands, leg and body. Some steps are slow and some has to be fast depends on the beats.
The drummers are from small different community and is attached with the Rongpa community for long time ago. They are specially invited in all celebration and they make the celebration musical and enjoyable with their drum beats.
Now the community is becoming modernized and all kind of Indian and Western songs are played during celebrations. Still the traditional dances are alive in the villages and towns.


Latest Song

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