The most beautiful places of the valleys are Badrinath, Auli, Joshimath, Tapovan and Valley of Flowers.

Joshimath : This the entrance point for Niti & Mana valleys. This hill station is center for tourists traveling to Badrinath, Govind Ghat, Tapvan and Auli.
Badrinath : This holy temple is 50km from Joshimath and  just 2 km from the Mana Village.
Auli : Known for its snow beauty, skiing and resorts, which is just 30km from Joshimath. Rope way and roads are the two mode to travel this spot.
Tapovan: Natural sulfur boiling water can we seen here. This place is 10 km from Joshimath on the way to Malari.
Valley of Flowers : This valley is next to Niti and Mana valleys.  The Valley was discovered by Frank S, Smith, a mountaineer. The valley  is a fairy-land situated high in the Himalayas of the Uttarakand at an altitude of 3,600 meters, protected by snowy mountains. Every year, the valley was splashed with hundreds kinds of colorful flowers. The valley is home to many celebrated flowers like the Brahmakamal, the Blue Poppy and the Cobra Lily.

The most populated villages in the two valleys are Mana, Bampa, Malari, Niti, Gamshali and Lata.

Mana and Niti villages are closest to the India - Tibet border in Mana valley and Niti valley respectively. 

Mana village is easily accessible by road which is just 2 km away from Badrinath Temple and attracts tourists during summer. Niti Village is reached by tourists only with a valid permission from authorities. No one, other than locals, is permitted to stay and visit this village. However, permission till Gamshali village is not required.


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