Seemant Welfare Association, Delhi (SWAD) team were able to reach around 73 disaster affected families of 6 affected villages (Agastmuni, Tifna, Thirpak, Pawankila, Chameli & Batuli) and provided instant & possible relief on behalf of SWAD and Mumbai Rongpas. Around Rs. 4.5 lacs were collected as donation through SWAD. Out of which Rs. 1.05 lac was donated by Rongpa families from Mumbai in support of the SWAD initiative. During the visit, around Rs. 4.8 lacs were distributed to the affected people.
Three members SWAD Team (Mr. K. S. Kunwar, Mr. Amar Singh Dungriyal & Mr. L.S. Rawat) started from Delhi on 10th Aug 2013 evening to  distribute the relief amount collected for disaster affected families of Chamoli, Uttarakhand. On 11thAugust, SWAD team reached Agastmuni and met Mr. Mahipal Singh Badwal & Mr. Pratap Singh Chauhan, the two family members badly affected from the Kedarnath disaster. The team studied the natural calamities of disaster and offered reasonable relief brought from Delhi and then left for Nandprayag in the evening.
Next day, on 12th Aug'2013, the team first reached the Upper Thirpak and met Mrs. Rami Devi the mother of Late Shri Ajay Hindwal the ITBP Soldier who sacrificed his life (in a Helicopter Crash) during a relief mission in Kedarnath valley. The team on behalf of all members of SWAD & others in Delhi & Mumbai paid its tribute & condolence to the departed soul of this brave soldier and handed over the relief to Mrs. Rami Devi in the presence of Mr. Madan Singh Rawat the resident of Thirpak and her two other sons. Then the team came back to Talla Thirpak where three shops of local people had washed away in the flood due to cloud burst. The team offered relief to all the three affected shopkeepers with a reasonable relief amount and reached village Pawankila along with the members of Thirkak. The team offering some relief to the few affected people of Pawankila Village in the presence of Village Pradhan Mrs. Bhagi Devi & local residents & left for Tifna.


On reaching Tifna, the team took a round of the whole area along with the village Pradham Mrs. Usha Devi & other members . Many houses of Tifna had been washed away completely by the flood due to cloud burst and many houses were partly damaged due to cracks & mud in their houses. All the disaster affected families were offered relief by the SWAD team in the presence of Mrs. Usha Devi the village Pradhan & other residents. The team came back to Nandprayad for night stay.  During our discussions with the villagers the team came to know that Chameli village has been seriously affected due to heavy rain and the village had started sinking and many houses had fallen on the ground completely.

On 13 August 2013, SWAD team reached Chameli village. The team along with the village Pradhan Mr. Sateswar Prashad Sati visited each houses of the Chemeli, Tolia, Semla & Chhinka villages and assessed the damages caused by this new disaster. It was observed that the ground of the whole Chameli village was sinking for the last two years and it was told that geological survey report has already declared this place unsafe & unfit for human living. This year due to heavy rains the situation had become uncontrollable/dangerous and many houses had been collapsed badly. Due to this dangerous situation, the villagers had started shifting their households to  safer places i.e. Chhinka, College building or Chhinka Jhula Bazar. Most of the villagers were spending night at the Inter Collage Building as no one stays during night in the village due to fear of building collapse. On 14th Aug 2013, the team distributed the relief to the affected villagers depending upon the damages caused to their houses in the presence of the village Pradhan Mr Sateswar Prasad Sati.
On 16th  Aug 2013 the team met some officials at Dehradun particularly Mr. Vinod Fonia the Secretary Rural Development Govt. of Uttarakhand and explained the prevailing situations at various places the team visited, particularly Chameli, and requested him for immediate assistance for relief & rehabilitation of affected villagers. Mr. Vinod Fonia gave full assurance for the needful to be done.
The team also have listed out deserving people need future relief of villages like Tifna, Thirpak and Chameli depending upon their losses. The areas which are left for future visits are Urgam & Benakuli etc.

The expenditure incurred during the tour was entirely born by the individual team members themselves while accomplishing the mission.


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